A Whirlwind Romance

Aurora had struck out with Bachelor #1 (the town’s one and only bachelor). She was getting along pretty well with Bachelorette #1. I decided to have her try her luck with Bachelorette #2, Riley Shepard.

Shepard is the Sim version of Commander Shepard which I created when I first bought The Sims 4 in December, 2014.

I played for three hours, created this Sim Shepard, dressed her in a weird crazy cat lady outfit, then abandoned the game for the next year. I had forgotten all about it when I started playing again recently. Imagine my surprise when Riley turned up in Aurora’s shop.

Aurora knew Riley from the store, where Riley was a regular customer. Riley came right over when Aurora asked, and responded QUITE WELL to a bit of flirting. It wasn’t long before they had their first kiss.

And then they – Aurora! This is the FIRST DATE.

You can’t just give it away right up front, girl – she’ll never want to….


Oh my!

Aww! Congratulations to the newlyweds are in order!

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