A SAD House

I’m getting Seasonal Affective Disorder, playing with this house.

This is my typical view. I’m always surprised to discover that it’s the middle of the day for them. You get no cues!

The steak plants are ready to harvest. See the steak hanging there, ripe and ready for the picking?

I aged up Aubergine so that she could start playing in the band, too. Her teenage outfit is… different.


Later that night, Hera was working in her garden when she came over all sparkly and dead.

Death showed up, but she gave him one of her Death Flowers and he was appeased.

Hera was dead, but don’t worry, she got better.

Creepy Paparazzi is creepy.

He showed up while Parker was playing the guitar.

I’d love to see that gossip magazine. It must be the most boring episode of TMZ ever.

I uploaded their lot to the exchange, by the way. It comes complete with all those lovely Money Trees! I think it might also come pre-populated with Splines. You can kick them out if you want – I don’t mind.

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