The Worst Birthday

I had been looking forward to Henry’s birthday for a while. Playing a teen Sim unlocks a whole new chunk of content from the High School Years expansion pack that I was excited to explore.

I planned a birthday party and invited as many Sims as I could. As soon as the party started and the guests arrived, Chestnut walked into the house, pooped on the kitchen floor one last time, and died.

sims 4 horse kitchen birthday death

You know what ruins the vibe? Horse kitchen birthday party death, that’s what.

Everyone cried, including the other horse.

sims 4 horse kitchen birthday death

Father Winter and the Grim Reaper both attended Henry’s birthday party. They shared a wordless moment as if making a silent connection about the bittersweet duality of existence and how joy and pain are integral to the human experience.

sims 4 father winter and grim reaper at the birthday party

Or maybe I’m reading too much into it. Maybe Father Winter just wanted to show the Grim Reaper what he made with the modeling clay, which seems to be: A lump. Good job.

Burdened by four separate Sad moodlets, Henry ate his birthday cake alone.

sims 4 sad birthday

Based on his random new outfit, it seems Henry will be going through a grunge phase as a teen. To try and make up for his terrible birthday party, I gave his bedroom a significant makeover.

sims 4 sad birthday

I guess he liked it. It’s hard to tell. He’s just so dang sad.

I also adopted a new horse for the family.

sims 4 paint horse

Meet Hush Puppy, a bad-tempered elderly stallion with behavioral problems and unusual markings. It looks like he’s wearing thigh-high riding boots! How ironic.

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