Starting Over

This morning I happened across a thread on the official Sims 3 forums which details the Legacy Challenge rules. You have to start with one Sim, move them into a specified lot (15 Summer Hill Court for the Sunset Valley neighborhood, which is where the Splines live) and go through 10 generations with no cheating.

Whimsical deity that I am, I promptly moved Marla out of Spline Manor and took away all the cool stuff she had inherited.

The move leaves your founder Sim with §1,300. In a world where waffles cost §11, that’s not going to buy much.

In point of fact, it’s just about enough to buy a bed, and a length of unfinished wall.

Fortunately, the fitness center downtown has a fridge. There’s no way to cook food, but you can at least make yourself a bowl of cereal.

After eating gym cereal, Marla struck up a conversation with Ernest Ridley. Good news, he’s single! And he seems sympathetic to her ordeal.

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