Robot Love

Carissa started talking to the microwave.

Then she fell madly in love. Cold, dead eyes and all.

Henry did a bit of gardening.

While Mort played that stupid yard game.

Later that day, we threw a birthday party for Mort. Tyler Spline’s ghost showed up! Here, Rusty is introducing himself to his Great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather.

There’s no way Tyler’s ghost should still be around. Hm, that’s a glitch. Not a good sign. Willie Spline also showed up! Willie is from the other branch of the family, the one that resulted when the four non-heirs got kicked out of the house.

As you can see, he inherited Delphine’s hair! Then Mort blew out his candles and aged into this super fabulous outfit.

I had him phone his job and retire. The game asked me to confirm his retirement, and noted that his pension would be -§1,654.235 per day. Negative! Per day! This intrigued me, so I clicked OK. And then the game crashed, and it was all lost.Le sigh.

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