Priscilla and Marla had their birthdays.

Now that they were both young adults, I kicked out Priscilla and went to work on Marla’s outfit. First I picked this awesome dress from the Jet Set clothing pack. You know, like Mad Men? Only without the sexism and racism and drinking and smoking?

Awesome as I thought it was, it just didn’t go. Even Marla looked less than enthusiastic. Was this any kind of outfit for a technophobic evil genius to wear? No it was not.

I went for a black turtleneck and black leather pants, instead.

By the way, the Collection Helper Happiness Reward is everything it’s cracked up to be.

It gives you a pushpin on the map to show the location of whatever you’re collecting. Then it makes it all sparkly so you can’t miss it. Very useful indeed!

Right after I took this screenshot, Virginia got the “resurrect the dead” opportunity from the Science Center. I pondered for a little while, then sent her to the Science Center with Tyler Spline’s headstone.

And it worked! Kinda. He’s a playable ghost, which is almost as good as being fully resurrected. Also, he came back from the dead with his Fun rating at zero, and with a radio in his personal inventory. (??)

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