Of course, in order to marry and bury them, you have to first meet them. Which means finding them. Where IS everybody? I sent Kay to the gym, because it’s usually crowded. No dice. As a “Couch Potato,” Kay prefers eating ice cream from the gym’s fridge to working out.

(From what I can decipher from the tub, I think the flavor is Orange Pineapple.)

While she was at the gym, I heard the Death music. I kept looking around the gym, to see who had died. As it happens, it was Marla who had died, all alone back at home. When Kay returned home, she found Marla’s urn on the bedroom floor.

I equipped Kay with a laptop. This lets her work on her novel while waiting for an old man to show up.

She has finished a science fiction novel and a fiction novel (which I titled House of Sim-Leaves and Trist-Sim Shandy respectively).

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