The first victim, Miranda Kang. I’m taking notes on everyone, so I can compare my death chart to the census.


OH you’d better NOT pee in the pool! (That’s something I miss from The Sims. When they were in the pool, mysteriously their Bladder need would be fulfilled. Gross!)

I learned a lot about the behavior of NPCs during this project. Aubree had warned me that if you don’t block off the entire door pad, they will jump up there and never get off. But I didn’t realize how many of them would fit up there!

At one point, the Grim Reaper took a dunk after picking up the most recent batch of souls.

I made a lot of little changes to The Pool as I played. I finally settled on this Y-shaped design. This lets you drown two batches of Sims at once, since I could never manage to get the entire batch into the pool at once.

It’s so efficient!

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