Birthdays and Fires

It defies all sense, but all six of the toddlers have grown into children without anyone being confiscated by Sim CPS. I really expected to be free of most of them by now! Facepalm.

Anyway, here’s the heir, Cyra, having leftover birthday cake for breakfast. I pretty much just focus on Cyra, and let everyone else in the house fend for themselves.

Sims 4 blog

Finally maxed out Baxter’s Comedy skill. He hit the achievement while some rando played guitar behind him.

Sims 4 blog

I’m determined to 100% this game on Xbox One, which means getting all of the achievements. All of which are pretty grind-y, so this one put me in a celebratory mood!

I thought it was great when all the toddlers grew into children, because it meant I could have both parents get jobs. The household is quickly running out of money, and we need both incomes.

My plan fell short when a fire broke out on the lot while the adults were gone. The children had no way to put out the fire!

Sims 4 blog

Then dad came home and decided this looked like a great time to curl up on the couch with a book.

Sims 4 blog


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