Appeasing the Gnomes

With fall came the Thanksgiving-like Harvestfest. And with Harvestfest comes gnomes who have to be appeased.

What? You don’t spend your Thanksgiving holiday appeasing gnomes? Pfft.

The Harvestfest gnomes each require something different to appease them. If you don’t give them what they want, they will break your appliances.

I couldn’t risk it, so I used this handy infographic from the Under the Plumbob Podcast to appease my gnomes correctly.

Thanks to the double skill gain bonus for this micro lot, I was able to quickly train Cordelia up in Handiness skill to the point where she could repair the Murphy bed. I don’t need gnomes breaking my shit… this bed breaks at least 75% of the time all on its own.

Sim repairing a murphy bed

Calling in the repair guy every time was getting expensive, and that’s an expense they don’t need. Their household funds are usually hovering around the $800 Simoleon mark at the best of times.

Around this time, Darren went through a “Picky Eater” phase. Here he is looking bummed out about his fish taco. JUST EAT IT, KID.

Sim child with the Picky Eater trait being sad about dinner

The next day, Darren brought home a project from school: a medieval castle diorama. Cordelia helped him work on it in the driveway.

Adult and child Sims working on a child's homework project

It was a nice bit of family bonding, and it bumped them up to “Best Friends.”

It turned out looking pretty good, too!

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