Another Lifetime Wish

I’d better make it a really good one, right? Um… STRESS.

It’s just a casserole of leftovers today, I’m afraid.

Aubergine grew up into a child. She was really stoked to get her first “big girl bed”!

Parker had his Lifetime Wish fulfilled. Too bad I missed the moment entirely.

Dear EA, Please make it so that if you pause the game, the “Lifetime Wish Fulfilled” animation pauses, too. You’re killing me, folks!

Sincerely, – Erika

Tyler’s Lifetime Wish was to have a net worth of §149,000. Which makes it all the more puzzling why he would end up sleeping on a bench that night.

And in other news: STEAK PLANTS. I can’t wait until they’re ready to harvest! All those juicy steaks, fresh from the garden!

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